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September 2019

Reasons to shop with That Mattress Place Corpus Christi 1024 659 Jonathan Swindle

Reasons to shop with That Mattress Place Corpus Christi

If you’re shopping for a new mattress, you could be overwhelmed by the variety of retailer choices and prices. It’s easier than ever without requiring you to even step foot in a store if you don’t wish to. How do you know which retailer to choose with all of the fierce competition for your business? Why should you even go into a store when you can just have a mattress delivered to your door? Here are some reasons to let That Mattress Place Corpus Christi serve you.
  1. That Mattress Place Corpus Christi operates through a system known as Factory Direct, which allows us to eliminate the overhead of distribution that most mattress retailers have to face. Through this process, we are able to offer our mattress inventory at discounted rates between 40-70%. We also honor veteran and teacher discounts to save you even more of your hard-earned dollars.

  1. When you shop at That Mattress Place, you’re supporting a family and veteran owned mattress and furniture store. You’ll receive a more personal experience, and you’ll help build relationships and community cohesiveness. When you spend money in your neighborhood, your sales tax stays in your neighborhood which supports your local economy AND local store owners create local jobs.

  1. That Mattress Place provides multiple purchasing options and same day delivery starting as low as $40 at the time of delivery (compared to other stores who go as high as $100!) That Mattress Place offers a 90 day payment option with a down payment as low as $50. We’ll work with you to make sure you’re completely satisfied with your purchase from start to finish.

  1. Locally owned businesses tend to make more local purchases, requiring less transportation and generally set up shop in town or city centers as opposed to developing on the fringe. This generally means contributing less to sprawl, congestion, habitat loss and pollution.

  1. Even if you ultimately decide it’s not for you and you’d rather shop online, start in house; no amount of online research can substitute for the experience of trying out mattresses in a store. Plus, when you shop with a business like That Mattress Place, you’ll get exceptional customer service and access to staff with over 10 years of experience in the business who can answer questions you may have.

If all of that is not enough reason to come check us out, just check out our Facebook and Google reviews from our happy customers. That Mattress Place Corpus Christi is highly recommended by customers just like you, including customers who shopped other stores and came back to That Mattress Place twice. Stop by today and let the knowledgeable staff at That Mattress Place Corpus Christi show you why we’re the best option for you with the best customer service and value. That Mattress Place Corpus Christi is located at 3413 S Staples St.ive, Corpus Christi, Texas.

Choosing the best pillow for your sleep 1024 683 Jonathan Swindle

Choosing the best pillow for your sleep

According to the American Sleep Association, 50 to 70 million U.S. adults have a sleep disorder. If your sleepless nights are taking a toll on your health, you might consider your pillow the culprit. A bad sleep environment can include your mattress, the foundation, your bedding, and also the pillows you use. The wrong pillow can leave you with neck pain, headaches, and exacerbate symptoms of health issues. Luckily, items like bedding and pillows are a far easier fix than a new mattress if that’s not yet in your budget. The first things you’ll need to consider when buying your pillows are your bed size, sleeping style, materials, and support. You’ll want a pillow that compliments your bed size, works with the position of your body as you rest, is easy to maintain and keep clean, and comfortably supports your head to allow for correct spine alignment. Here is a short breakdown on how to choose the best pillow for your sleeping style.
Best pillows for side sleepers –  Side sleepers may need a firmer pillow and a pillow on the thicker side. Look for one that’s as thick as the distance between your ear and outside shoulder. Shredded foam would be a much better choice because of their pressure point relief properties. But, if you want to go natural, you can pick a down pillow and adjust it to your liking.
Best pillows for back sleepers – Back sleepers may need a flatter pillow, to keep your head and neck in alignment. Back sleepers may want a softer pillow but if you have neck pain and sleep on your back, look for a pillow that provides additional support, while maintaining the softness that’s comfortable for you.
Best pillows for stomach sleepers – Stomach sleepers may need a soft pillow (or no pillow at all) underneath their head. You don’t want your head raised too high. A pillow under your stomach and pelvis may help prevent back pain by keeping the spine aligned.
Best pillows for sleep apnea – Sleeping on your back is not recommended for this condition as it can increase the number and occurrence of apnea episodes. Specialized wedge pillows and cervical pillows (also called contour pillows) can provide support allowing your airway to remain open as you relax during sleep. Wedge pillows can also be used to alleviate or improve issues such as snoring, heartburn,  improve circulation, as well as provide pain relief.
Best pillows for hot sleepers – In addition to a mattress with cooling technology, there are quality choices like the ‘snow cooling’ pillows in stock at That Mattress Place to help keep you comfortable and regulate your temperature.
Best pillows for pregnant women – Pregnancy pillows are C or U shaped to allow maximum comfort during sleep without the added pressure to the stomach. If you are not allergic to down, then feathers are a perfect material for body pillows. Memory foam is an ideal option if you require a bit more hug and contouring.
Although there is no such thing as the “best pillow” that will suit everyone, doing a little research and asking the right questions before your purchase can help ensure the best experience. That Mattress Place Corpus Christi offers some of the best mattress sales in Corpus Christi, as well as amazing customer service (just check out our happy customer testimonials on Facebook!) Call Us at 361-876-4445 today to schedule your appointment for a consultation or visit us in-store at 3413 S Staples St.ive, Corpus Christi, Texas.
Tips for achieving maximum comfort in your bed 683 1024 Jonathan Swindle

Tips for achieving maximum comfort in your bed

A decent night’s sleep is critical for your mood, cognitive function, and even your overall health. Think about the last time you stayed at a nice hotel with no agenda for the morning and the chance to sleep in a little; do you remember having an amazing sleep and waking up feeling refreshed? I bet they provided a big, comfortable mattress to sink into with amazingly soft sheets, and just the right amount of plush pillows to support your head. Or maybe it’s been a while since your last vacation, but that sounds amazing and your own bed could use a little overhaul now that you think about it. Whether you’ve already dropped into That Mattress Place Corpus Christi for a mattress at a discounted price, or your budget isn’t quite ready yet for that type of expense, here are some ideas to help maximize the comfort level of your bedding. 

Mattress Toppers

Mattress pads and covers are essential to extending the life of your mattress as well as keeping it clean. Mattress pads are also a great way to change the feel of your bed without breaking the bank and are as easy to remove or replace as a fitted sheet. Mattress protectors and pads offer options such as a water-resistant layer if needed, extra pillowy padding to change the softness, and even cooling pads or gels for hot sleepers to help regulate your temperature.

Finding your perfect pillow

On the reverse side of that great hotel bed we still dream about, we’ve all slept in other beds where the mattress was acceptable enough, but the pillows might as well have been nonexistent. The wrong pillow can cause neck pain, sleeplessness, headaches, and even encourage problems such as snoring and sleep apnea. The key to finding the right pillow starts with your preferred sleeping position and will ultimately help decide what level of softness or firmness would work for you. Pillows with cooling gel features can further increase your comfort.

Quality Sheets

If you’ve never had a set of nice sheets for your bed, it might be time to change that and live a little. Many people consider a good set of sheets a luxury, but they’re also a worthy investment. Not sure what type of sheet to buy? Cotton-poly blends and 100 percent cotton are your best choices as they are comfortable, breathable, and affordable. Look for words like Egyptian, Pima, or Supima as these all refer to quality and indicate softer cotton. Percale sheets are ideal if you like the feeling of crisp and fresh sheets. Sateen sheets offer something a little softer but are not as durable as a percale weave. Local stores such as Gatherings or a chain like Bed Bath & Beyond carry great options in addition to the accessories provided by That Mattress Place.

Additional Tips for Maximizing Your Comfort In Bed

One of the great things about maximizing the comfort of your bed is that there aren’t any strict rules; it’s all about what feels best to you and your personal preference. While we give you some options to think about, here are a few more tips to consider:

  • Rotate your mattress regularly to maintain it
  • Wash your sheets every two weeks
  • Replace your pillow every six to 18 months
  • Keep your room cool between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Consider an electric blanket or heating pad for chilly nights

Call us at 361-244-6993 to set up a consultation with our knowledgeable staff in-store located at 3413 S Staples St.ive, Corpus Christi, Texas. The That Mattress Place Corpus Christi team has over a decade of experience in the industry and offers some of the best customer service in the Coastal Bend. Inventory includes items such as adjustable bases, platforms, box springs, headboards, pillows, and protectors for all of your shopping needs. Don’t miss our Facebook and Instagram for news, satisfied customer testimonials, and promotional offers!

That Mattress Place Has Affordable Quality Mattresses at Discounted Rates 1019 1024 Jonathan Swindle

That Mattress Place Has Affordable Quality Mattresses at Discounted Rates

Have you been putting off buying a new mattress because of the known costs associated with that sort of purchase? Most mattress retailers must raise prices on their inventory due to the overhead costs of housing their inventory which can lead one to think there are no affordable options. That Mattress Place strays away from this way of standardized retailing by cutting out the middleman and getting you the best value on the same mattresses that are held in big-box retailers.

Our Mattress Selection

Our inventory houses recognizable brands such as Beautyrest and Sealy Mattresses in Twin, Full, Queen and King sizes at a wholesale price. We offer the specialty mattress brands, Sapphire and Diamond Sleep, for those individuals who are looking to try a more modern approach to sleep. Sapphire Sleep’s Cool Phase Technology takes the natural heat your body puts out and transfers and absorbs it through the gel and foam layers within the mattress to provide the user with a cooling effect throughout the duration of their sleep. Be sure to purchase one of our Cooling Pillows, as well, to keep you cool all through your night. 

Our Mattress Prices

Our Wholesale prices will get you the most quantity and quality for your specific budget and our dedicated consultants will work with you through our ACIMA Financing Option should you need assistance. With ACIMA we can get you settled with the mattress of your dreams for only $50 down and a 90-Day Payment Option. So there’s no reason why you can’t get your mattress and a pillow, too!

Visit our Showroom and meet our friendly staff at 3413 S Staples St.., Corpus Christi, TX, to test our mattresses and discuss what is the best option for you. Or you can call us at 361-876-4445 for a brief, over-the-phone consultation and schedule a time to stop by.

Find us on Facebook and Instagram for Promotional Deals and Seasonal Offers.

What is the best foundation for your mattress? 1024 683 Jonathan Swindle

What is the best foundation for your mattress?

You know that buying the right mattress size and type is crucial for a great night’s sleep, but did you know that the foundation you choose is also important? The mattress foundation you choose to support your bed can have an impact on the feel of your bed and how long your new mattress lasts you. A few of the benefits of the right foundation include more support, better airflow, and it helps keep your mattress structurally intact. Read below for a breakdown of some foundations to consider.

Box Spring – A box spring is a sturdy platform usually made up of a wooden or metal framework and covered in material. Modern box springs don’t contain the springs inside anymore, making them more lightweight and easier to transport. Box springs can be used alone or with a metal or wood platform base and are compatible with most beds. Some memory foam mattresses require a sturdier base, so make sure to ask before making your purchase.

Metal Frame – Metal bed frames are most commonly used to help keep the box spring in place and add even more height to your bed. They are not designed to support a mattress alone and will allow your mattress to sag without additional support like a box spring. Some metal bed frames are adjustable to fit the size of your bed.

Metal Platform Base – Metal platform bases are a great way to support and raise your mattress while getting great storage underneath your bed. You can also place your mattress right on top of these platforms – a box spring is not needed. Some memory foam mattresses require a sturdier base, so make sure to ask before making your purchase. You may also need connector pieces for your headboard.

Slatted Bed Foundation – Slatted bed foundations are made of wood or metal frames with planks of wood, metal or other materials with spaced slats across the frame. They can provide better airflow if used directly underneath your mattress as well as storage space depending on the height.

Bunkie Board – A bunkie board is a piece of wood or metal that can be used with an older box spring, foundation or platform bed for additional support underneath your mattress. A bunkie board may be a good option if you are purchasing a heavier memory foam mattress, but don’t have the proper support with your current bed set up. It’s also a good way to add additional support for bunk beds.

Solid Platform Bed – Solid platforms are best used with heavier memory foam, latex or hybrid mattresses that need additional support. A solid platform bed will typically provide the most support and durability of all the bed frame options. They also tend to be the most stylish if that’s something that’s important to you, but will also be more likely to carry a higher price tag. Another thing to keep in mind is that you are cutting off airflow to your mattress which means it will trap heat while you sleep.

Adjustable Bed Frame – Adjustable bed frames allow you to adjust the angle or elevation of your bed to a number of different positions, typically by remote control. An adjustable bed frame would be ideal for customers with sleep apnea, acid reflux, and can help alleviate back and joint pain. The elevation is also beneficial for healthy blood circulation. Memory foam and hybrid mattresses are ideal with an adjustable frame as they are more malleable.

If you aren’t sure what will work for your mattress and your budget, call us at 361-244-6993 to set up a consultation with our knowledgeable staff in-store located at 3413 S Staples St.ive, Corpus Christi, Texas. The That Mattress Place Corpus Christi team has over a decade of experience in the industry and offers some of the best customer service in the Coastal Bend. Inventory includes items such as adjustable bases, platforms, box springs, headboards, pillows, and protectors for all of your shopping needs. Don’t miss our Facebook and Instagram for news, satisfied customer testimonials, and promotional offers!