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Mattress Facts You Should Know

Mattress Facts You Should Know

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On average, humans spend one-third of their lives asleep. With so much of our time spent resting, it’s easy to see how mattresses would have an enormous effect on our health and well-being. You’ve seen some mattress myths debunked, now read on to see some mattress facts!

The most common style of mattress is the least liked

Innerspring mattresses are sold the most, accounting for an estimated 80% of mattress sales. According to SleepLikeTheDead.com, they also have the lowest overall satisfaction ratings due to due mainly to below-average longevity and long-term comfort potential. They find that only 63% of innerspring mattress owners report being satisfied, compared to around 80% of memory foam and latex owners. Specialty mattresses made of memory foam and latex (such as the Sapphire Sleep and Simmons Beautyrest) are seeing continual growth in customer satisfaction.

All mattresses must be flameproof

In 2007, it became federal law that all mattresses must meet flammability guidelines in order to be sold in the United States. All mattresses sold in the U.S. must be able to withstand an open flame for at least 30 seconds before catching fire (please don’t test this at home!) The law was enacted to reduce mattress fires due to unattended cigarettes, candles, and other dangers. The Consumer Products Safety Commission estimates that mattresses meeting these requirements can save up to 270 lives and 1330 injuries per year.

You share your bed with creepy crawlies

If your mattress is more than seven years old, you are sharing it with millions of dust mites, their droppings, and insect parts. Dust mites live almost anywhere where there are fabrics and carpets. Their number is increased in more humid environments and places where there are people and pets; while not harmful, they can exacerbate asthma and allergies. To help combat this, it is recommended to get a mattress protector and wash your sheets regularly in hot water.

It might be healthier NOT to make your bed

As if your kids needed a reason not to make their beds in the morning! Scientists believe that an atmosphere of open-air exposure versus warm and cozy darkness is more likely to keep the dust mites away.  A study out of Kingston University found that bugs cannot survive in the warm, dry conditions found in an unmade bed.

Your mattress may be the reason for back pain

The American Chiropractic Association currently estimates that close to thirty-one million Americans experience some form of back pain at any given time. An old or low-quality mattress can be a big contributor to this problem. This is due to the fact that a mattress lacking in back support reinforces poor sleeping posture, strains muscles and does not help keep the spine in proper alignment – all of which can increase low back pain. A good quality mattress should provide support for the natural curves and alignment of the spine. The right amount of back support also helps avoid muscle soreness in the morning.

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