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Mattress Myths

Mattress Myths

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Buying a new mattress is a lot like buying car insurance. Comparing features and prices from brand to brand is challenging because there are so many variables, and different stores may even carry the same mattresses under different names. Innerspring, latex, hybrid, pillow-top or plush – the combinations of what’s inside your mattress are endless. And because buying a new bed isn’t a frequent purchase, the learning curve can be painful. Before hitting the mattress stores, take some time to do a little research and separate the facts from the myths. Read below for some common misconceptions.

Mattresses cannot be cleaned

Mattresses can and should be cleaned with a vacuum at the very least. This will help remove any loose dirt and dust.  Protect it from moisture and stains by covering it with a mattress cover before putting the sheets on, as well as washing the mattress pad every few weeks. That Mattress Place Corpus Christi provides accessories like these and more to help protect your investment.

It’s against the law to remove the tag on your mattress

It’s only against the law to remove the tag prior to the sale and delivery of a pillow or mattress to the final consumer. Once you’ve bought the mattress and it’s in your home, you can do whatever you want with it. With that being said. if you ever need to file a warranty claim, the tag needs to be attached to the mattress because it contains critical information that will help the manufacturer process your claim.

All memory foam mattresses sleep hot

In order for memory foam to work properly, it has to mold to your body using the heat coming off of you. The level of heat can cause you to feel like you’re encased in it, leaving you sweaty and uncomfortable. However, memory foam mattresses are now made featuring items like gel and cooling technology. The correct foundation can also help allow air to circulate through your mattress. Sapphire Sleep options at That Mattress Place get high marks from customers in providing a comfortable sleeping experience.

You should replace your mattress every 8 years

The Better Sleep Council recommends replacing your mattress every 7-10 years, depending on comfort and support. The truth is that the life of a mattress varies, which depends on how you take care of it, how you sleep on it and how often you rotate and/or flip it if it’s double-sided to prevent dips and sagging. You’ll know when it’s time to shop for a new mattress based on how rested you feel when you wake up.

Firm mattresses are the best

In order to minimize pain and discomfort and help your body relax into a regenerative sleep, you need a mattress that conforms to your sleeping positions while supporting all areas of the body. Health concerns should be kept in mind too when choosing the softness or firmness level of your mattress. If you are unsure, the staff at That Mattress Place can help you choose the correct mattress for your best night’s sleep.

  • Soft mattresses conform better to your shape and would be an ideal choice for side sleepers, as they conform to cushion your shoulders, hips, and better align your spine while on your side.
  • Medium mattresses will prevent your hips and pelvis from sinking lower than your shoulders and creating an unnatural curve in the spine. A medium mattress tends to deliver equally on comfort and support while alleviating pressure point pains in most people.
  • Firm mattresses will provide more support for heavyweight sleepers by offering a more stable and even sleeping surface.

Schedule your consultation with the crew at That Mattress Place Corpus Christi and we can advise you on the correct maintenance of your mattress, what level of firmness and features would work for you and more. Contact us today at 361-244-6993 to set up a consultation appointment to test our inventory or drop in and see us at 3413 S Staples St., Corpus Christi, Texas.

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